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Welcome to
Radical Transformation
with Amanda Connell

I help over-giving, burnt out women reclaim their power, sky-rocket their energy and vitality, and access unconditional love within, so they show up with confidence as their authentic selves, dare to dream BIG and love their life again.

"You are worthy of thriving and living to your highest potential. My unique contribution to the world is to help you break free from the pain of the past and guide you on your journey as you awaken your Innate Power."

Hi! I'm your coach, Amanda Connell

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Amanda is a mother, wife, nature lover and freedom-loving adventurer who enjoys the breathtaking beauty and opportunity that living on the West Coast of Canada offers. You can often find her travelling around the world and backcountry camping with her closest friends. She is an intuitive guide and conscious creator  who is passionate about understanding nature's cycles and living according to Universal Laws. She is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, EFT Tapping Practitioner, Universal Laws Coach, BrainGAME Coach, and Numerologist; Founder of Radical Transformation with Amanda Connell and the Radical Transformation Formula. Amanda rejects a cookie-cutter approach to healing as she understands that each person is infinitely unique. 


As an intuitive, transformational coach, Amanda is committed to supporting women who have been stuck in a pattern of over-giving, ignoring their own needs and are burn out! Amanda provides her clients with innovative, radical transformation experiences that will generate fast and profound inner change, resulting in permanent, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation so they can reclaim their power, access unconditional love with themselves, sky-rocket their energy and vitality, and love their life again.


Having experienced a spiritual awakening in Nepal in 2019, Amanda began her own transformation journey that led to finding her purpose and her passion in life: TRANSFORMATION - helping hundreds of women, like YOU, live a life they love.




Check out my coaching packages and programs to see what resonates with you the most. I'm also here to help you make the choice that serves you best, so please book a FREE, 30 minute connection call with me!

You landed here for a reason and I'm so glad you did. I don't believe in coincidences.

Are you an over-giver?

You give, give, give and feel like you receive little in return. You feel unappreciated, resentful and exhausted and you feel guilty for feeling this way. You often neglect your own needs because you are so focused on giving to others, you have nothing left for yourself. You are confused because you think you are being selfless and you believe giving is supposed to make you feel good, so why do you feel disconnected, alone, insecure and angry? The more you give, the more your self-esteem seems to take a hit. Your energy is depleted, but you don't want to disappoint anyone, so you continue with over-giving and find yourself caught in a never-ending cycle. 

Are you a people pleaser?

Everyone thinks you are so accommodating, helpful, kind and caring. You are always "available" and you are the first person people go to for help, advice, etc. You struggle with saying no because you feel bad but if you say yes, you are resentful. You avoid conflict no matter what, even if that means becoming a completely different person. Like a chameleon, you've created this protection mechanism as a means to blend in, not rock the boat and stifle your voice. You tend to apologize frequently and feel responsible for how others are feeling and your self-worth is dependent on external sources like praise or validation.

Are you burnt out?

You feel completed mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. You have waves of overwhelm and anxiety. You simply cannot keep up with life's demands and it feels like you are hanging on by a thread. Activities that used to bring you joy are no longer that enjoyable and you have stopped taking care of your health. Simple tasks seem insurmountable and you are more snappy and irritable lately. Headaches and physical pain are frequent and you're not sleeping well. You feel blocked, you lack creativity and you're feeling increasingly cynical these days. You are less engaged than normal and feel disconnected from others. You'd like things to change but your usual go-to's are not working. You're hoping things will change but you are paralyzed with inaction.

I identify so deeply with this because this was me
Even though the life I have created now is completely different, it wasn’t always like this. Read my full story here, About Me.

Our Services

This is a space where spirituality meets science. Where all parts of you are welcome and in fact, necessary for your growth and expansion. We focus on all areas of your being to achieve your goals: your physical body, emotional body, and energetic body. I understand that life’s challenges are unique and complex to all individuals. If you are ready to take radical responsibility for your health and wellbeing, and become a masterful creator of your reality, I have a variety of tools and techniques to maximize your results and support you on your journey.

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I help you identify habits, thought patterns, inherited beliefs, learned behaviours, and cultural and social conditioning that contributes to an inauthentic version of you.

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Are you ready to live a more holistic lifestyle? Learn how medical grade essential oils can be integrated safely and effectively into your daily life for amazing natural health benefits.

Helping Hands

EFT Tapping is a powerful, yet simple and effective self-help technique. It allows the release and integration of feelings and emotions in a safe and empowering way.

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Understanding your unique code provides invaluable insight into who you were born to be, points you in the direction of your purpose, can bring clarity to decision making, and a deeper connection with who you are at the soul level.

"Wellness is so much more than being free from disease and illness. It is an active process that includes mindfulness and making choices that create harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body."

- Amanda Connell

Some of the things you might experience when you work with Amanda....

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Breakthroughs mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

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Release and integration of feelings and emotions trapped in the body.

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Powerful physical sensation in the body that are invigorating.

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Clarity and connection to your sacred vision, your contribution and your purpose in life.

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Deeper connection with your Highest Self, your body, and the Divine.

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More responsive and less reactive to everyday life experiences.

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Less stress and anxiety and increased feelings of peace and calm.

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Tuning in, turning on and tapping into your Innate Power.

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Relief from pain and suffering in all areas of your life.

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 3.10.13 PM.png


Trust in yourself, your body, in others and your ability to co-create with the Universe.

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 3.10.19 PM.png


Increased self-love, confidence, awareness and feelings of worthiness

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Freedom from the experiences of the past that have been holding you back for so long.

Rave Reviews

What my clients have said...


Teresa H.

“I had a wonderful experience with Amanda!!  She opened up and drew from things that I didn't realize I was really hurting from. It was such a huge release for me, I can't even explain it. She is the whole package deal. Her energy, love and passion for her work, really creates such a safe place to be. She is such an incredible healer.”

IMG_8177 2.JPG

Christine S.

"Working with Amanda has been a journey into releasing old worn out patterns and belief systems that have not served in living my best abundant life!!! 
I am so very lucky to have her in my corner as my guide /mentor/ friend/ supporter as I navigate releasing the old and  opening up to possibilities. Life changing!!! The journey has just begun and I am excited for the unfolding of what’s to come. So much Love and Gratitude

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Samantha B.

Amanda provides you with a container to feel safe & supported, to show up exactly as you are, where ever you are. To be vulnerable, to expose parts of yourself that you may not have even known were holding you back from living your best life. The space she provides you also allows you to connect with others who are also just trying to find their way. It is a space that makes you feel like you belong. Amanda sees you, all of you and that allows you to step into the journey she takes you on with courage. 

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