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Rave Reviews!

What my clients have said...


"I have learned so much about myself and the effects of how my past formed my present self.  Thanks to Amanda I understand and appreciate the power of tapping.  Most of all Amanda has opened up the doors to self love and healing.  It is an honour to have her in my life."

Denise P.


"Working with Amanda has been a journey into releasing old worn out patterns and belief systems that have not served in living my best abundant life. I am so very lucky  to have her in my corner as my guide /mentor/ friend/ supporter as I navigate  releasing the old and opening up to possibilities. Life changing!"

Christine S.

IMG_8176 3.JPG

"Amanda provides you with a container to feel safe & supported, to show up exactly as you are, where ever you are. To be vulnerable, to expose parts of yourself that you may not have even known were holding you back from living your best life."

Samantha B.


"Love have made me look at life - like on an hour to hour basis - differently than I ever have, specifically 1) the way I have been speaking to myself for 45 years, and 2) my relationship with money.  These two topics have literally consumed me in a negative way longer than I can even recall. This is freedom that I never had the tools to let go of until now!"

Kelly F.

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